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Welcome to the Dynamo Finance documentation! 🌟

On this page we showcase our products:

  1. ERC-4626 Vault

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What do we do?

Dynamo introduces an innovative liquidity distribution strategy, seamlessly integrating market making and lending within a unified liquidity interface. By streamlining yield aggregation, Dynamo empowers liquidity providers to efficiently deploy their entire liquidity through its infrastructure. Employing ERC-4626 and Vyper, Dynamo vaults prioritize security and composability.

The responsiveness of Dynamo vaults to interest rate fluctuations is facilitated by a decentralized rebalancing mechanism. This process invites proposals from anyone seeking to optimize returns on the current vault allocation, with proposers receiving a share of generated yield for the duration of the active allocation. This incentivizes participation from DeFi users, contributing to the decentralization of Dynamo's rebalancing protocol.

Dynamo is purpose-built to enhance the user experience for Balancer liquidity providers. Leveraging stableswap liquidity provision and DeFi money markets, Dynamo presents a comprehensive yield generation strategy. Liquidity providers can optimize returns by selecting a Dynamo pool of their choice, benefitting from the platform's multilayered yield strategies, all made possible through Balancer's composability. The impending mainnet launch adds anticipation to Dynamo's imminent release.